“Women [who have had a career break] feel dislodged from the rest of the world and they feel everybody sees it,” says Mika Brzezinski co-host of TV’s Morning Joe, founder of KnowYourValue.com, and co-author with her sister-in-law Ginny, of the new handbook “Comeback Careers” Rethink, Refresh, Reinvent Your Success at 40,50, and Beyond” (https://amzn.to/2NqJBUM).  “I want to tell them, it’s all right not to know what’s next. They have value. They may have to take a big step back, use a side hustle or go sideways in the door.” Listen in as Mika and Ginny divulge some of their research on how to network more strategically, how to pitch your volunteer work to a corporate recruiter, and how to short circuit your negative mindset.

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