“I was pregnant with my third kid when I opted out,” says Kelley Biskupiak, co-founder of PrepareToLaunchU.com, a one-stop source for instruction, inspiration and community for women navigating a maternity leave, mid-career pivot, or childcare break.  “I didn’t realize when I made the choice what a sense of loss it was going to be. I could go all in on momhood...but it was not so fulfilling. I had to ask: who are you and where do you want to go?”  She joined forces with Susan Rietano, a mother of four with experience in tech and placement and launched the site. “Women approach the next [job] opportunity with too much gratitude and apology,” says Rietano. “[We] want them to thank you for being at the opposite side of the table.”


Enrollment in Prepare to Launch U's Fall Career Relaunch Course is open until September 21st. Here is the link to a recording of a recent info session Susan and Kelley hosted to overview the program and answer prospective students' questions:


If you are interested in securing for a spot in their 10-week program (9/28-12/4), you can apply here:  https://bit.ly/Fall2020CohortApplication 
8 Question Next chapter Questionnaire:


Explore and Access Your Next Career Path Freebie:
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