“In medical school, they don’t teach you much about nutrition or lifestyle,” says Jeanne Rosner, M.D., former pediatric anesthesiologist and now founder of SOULfoodSalon.com, community-based get-togethers that teach about healthy living and eating. “But kids were receptive. That was my ah-ha moment.” Rosner says she “loved her [surgery] patients” and being a source of comfort for their parents for twenty years. But after her third child was born, the workload became “too stressful to be 100% [doctor plus] mom and wife.” When a life-coach friend asked her to put together a vision board (which she still uses for inspiration) she knew she had to create a more balanced lifestyle. Rosner began by teaching science, health and nutrition to her son’s 5th grade class and the rest, as they say, is her-story. 

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