When Sonsoles Gonzalez, founder of hair and skincare line Better Not Younger (Better-NotYounger.com), worked in corporate (L’Oreal, P & G) the researchers came in regularly to point out that women 40+ were an underserved market. But the corporations didn't want to go there.  “We used to joke in meetings: ‘What happens to women 45+? Do they disappear?’” she says. Last year, at age 54, she rushed into the gap with her own line of haircare and scalp products that cater directly to aging hair; she also created oral supplements to promote healthy hair growth. Sonsales says entrepreneurship is so “exhilarating” she now “realize[s] how much I had stopped learning." Her advice for anyone launching off of a corporate job: 1. Gravitate to what you love to do. 2. Talk to people doing something similar. 3. Be prepared not to look back.
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