She had an engineering degree and an MBA. She had 15 years in leadership roles at companies like IBM and Kodak, a career she was “passionate” about. But Candace Freedenberg also had a baby who had flown 13 times before age 1, just to keep up with her mom’s commute from Washington, DC to upstate New York where Kodak was based. Amidst corporate changes and with a  third child along the way, she realized, "Logistically I couldn’t do it,” she says.  “My husband said, one of us should opt-out.” And so she did. Fifteen years later she opened up Untapped Potential, Inc. to help women like herself relaunch.  “Corporations, businesses, and the GDP are missing out on capital—in women!” she says. "We curate roles with corporations, startups, non-profits.”  Post Covid19, Freedenberg sees opportunity: “Companies would be smarter to work with skilled, mature, flexible talent which offer a cost advantage and low risk."

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